To ensure a project’s successful delivery, it is essential to establish the appropriate procurement and contracting policy. This also includes ensuring cost efficiency, sustainability, better supplier performance, and precise cost control.

You can stay assured as Catalyst is there to deliver high-end support on every activity associated to procurement and supply chain procedures. Our end-to-end operations include initial strategy definition, cost control, commercial management and post-contract supplier performance management. Our efforts have been widely acknowledged as we have helped clients acquire more than $43.6 billion in capital investment in the past six years.
We maintain a wide ranging client list that includes both commissioning asset management enterprises and organizations associated to construction delivery across a broad infrastructure arena including Rail, Mass Transit, Road, and Oil and Gas, Water and Sewerage, Electricity and Gas distribution, and Port Logistics.

Adding value
At Catalyst, we believe to be the pacesetter for several operations within the construction sector. Our motto is to uplift infrastructure through the implementation of advanced tools and technologies. You can trust our services to achieve sustainable performance-driven through the supply chain. Such growth factors are channelized by deploying pioneering contracting and tendering arrangements that are backed by progressive procurement.
Supply chain optimization
It has been observed that our leading infrastructure clients operate complex capital investment schemes. This involves methods like smart procurement to unlock supply chain value both during initial Delivery Partner selection and post-award supply chain management. The major task is to attract greater visibility within forecasted spends through simplified investment plans focused at the different tiers of the supply base. We are equipped with supreme visibility to offer a comprehensive program to the suppliers. Our experience and skill proves handy in manage significant complexities related to defined pricing; especially negotiating favorable pricing for Tier 2 and 3 levels of the supply chain.
An approach that delivers
For optimizing the supply chain, Catalyst has structured a wide range of systems and strategies that directly favor the clients. In accordance with our procurement and contracting models, your business gets to secure 10 – 20% savings in comparison to the initial budget. Additionally, our efforts towards post-contract optimization of the new supply chain permit us to deliver an additional 10% value. We abide a systematic order to enhance supplier performance and further reduce project risk. All such factors have proven effective in maintaining strong client relationships.