Our motto is to escalate client performance in the field of purchasing and supply chain management to keep in mind a sustainable order. Each of our projects is centered at achieving the better vision and quantifiable improvements. At Catalyst, our experience and expertise permit us to identify prime issues and structuring efficient models to bring them into real-life practice. All in all, we believe in satisfactory results that should increase in multiples.

General FAQ:

Q: What do you do?

A: Catalyst design and manage the sourcing process on behalf of our Customers, both in terms of looking inwardly at an organization to ensure they are addressing their business needs effectively and also outwardly to the supplier community.

Q: Which sectors do Catalyst specialize in ?

A: All organizations have complex procurement needs. As a result, we work across all sectors. However, each sector faces different challenges and regulatory pressures, which impacts the service that procurement needs to provide to the business. We understand these differences and we are flexible in our approach to suit each sector.

Q: What are benefits for Buyers and Suppliers in the sourcing process ?

A: Benefits are listed below.

For Buyers:
Strategic global sourcing with access to qualified suppliers.
Suppliers from any place worldwide (Including LCC options).

For Suppliers:

No registration fee, no activation fee and no charges for participating in RFQs .
Confidentiality maintained.
Participate in as many RFQs as you want.

Q: How do you decide which suppliers to work with ?

A: We work with whichever suppliers can deliver the best solutions to address the specific requirements of our clients. However, we receive a large number of unsolicited approaches from potential suppliers and we filter them initially on financial stability and reputation, for example, relevant industry accreditations, etc.

Q: Do you have a preferred supplier list ?

A: No. We have many well-established relationships with suppliers but we do not operate a preferred supplier list. We work with whichever suppliers who deliver maximum value to our clients.

Q: Are suppliers paid by Catalyst or by clients ?

A: Suppliers are paid directly by our clients. Likewise, although we will often be involved in negotiating commercial arrangements, terms and conditions, service level agreements and so on, the final contract will be between supplier and the client.

Q: What is the minimum qualification for manufacturers?

A: The minimum requirement is ISO 9001 and the successful clearance of our on-site audit. However, some of the manufacturers are TS-16949 and IATF certified.

Q:On what incoterms, can Catalyst’s Supplier supply?

A: Our Supplier can supply on FOB, CIF, DDU, DAP incoterms. All Taxes and Duties on the customer’s account.

Q:Can overseas customers visit the manufacturing facilities in LCC?

A: Yes. Catalyst will accompany overseas customers once we have started the projec

Q:Do you sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

A: Yes, We sign NDA with the overseas customers and along withsuppliers also.

Q:Which currency do you prefer (for receiving payment)?

A: We are preferring USD and Euro only. However Government of India notifies the exchange rates of many trading currencies

Q:How Catalyst makes money?

A: Catalyst offers International Sourcing and Consulting Services to overseas customers. Our pricing depends on the resources deployed, economically.

Q:How much is Catalyst’s fee?

A: Catalyst Sourcing designed a competitive pricing model to fit both small and large organization in their business model.. We transparently explains the cost heads to customer.

Q: Are you just looking for price reductions ?

A: Our clients expect competitive prices and sometimes our role is to negotiate prices with suppliers, but we do understand that delivering truly excellent solutions to our clients often means taking a much broader view than price alone. Our aim is to add value to a client’s business overall, and the service offered by suppliers is a key element in that.

Q: What if I'm already in a contract ?

A: Even if you are already in a contract with some vendor there are ways of renegotiating contracts, at the same time honoring all of your obligations.

Q:Is Product’s price remains same always or it changes? If Yes, How?

A: Price is reviewed on either 6 monthly or yearly basis. The general parameters for price revision are Exchange Rate, Raw Material Prices and Input Costs. We agree on indexes available on public domain and follow a calculator for long term price review.

Q: What if my query is not covered in the FAQ section?

A: If your query is not covered in the FAQ, we request you to write to us at info@catalystsourcing.In
We will try our best to revert you asap.