The most common agenda in companies of any size or segment, cost-effective sourcing is always a major challenge for Sourcing managers and entrepreneurs. Global sourcing is our expertise, Catalyst sourcing is helping how to make business cost-effective in a new market, finding and developing alternative supplier sources to reduce costs and face the competition with confidence. Our aims are to explore global efficiencies such as Best cost country, skilled labor with lower cost, inexpensive raw materials and favorable economic aspects like Free trade or Low tariff trade.

We believe in the process of sourcing goods and services from the international market across geopolitical boundaries. To deliver adequate solutions to our clients, our Global Sourcing services make use of strategic sourcing or Quick Sourcing methodology to approach suppliers and challenge the status quo for each of the items identified in the Negotiation, Trinomial: Quality, Price and Specification(QPS).

We made a robust process with a detailed analysis of the Supplier selection, understanding the needs / required documents by category, economic-financial and Risk analysis and FIT & GAP analysis according to client needs.