1.Professionally Motivated Career
The commitment towards excellence and active cultural outlook to make a difference acts as a driving force for top Professionals to recognize Catalyst as their preferred destination.

Desire to make a difference and to enlighten the community requires an approach. The idea is to make use of technology to cater the community and offer solutions to enterprises of all sizes. Are you ready for it?

At Catalyst, our target is to deliver a vibrant consultant career wrapped in professional growth and learning that comes with working in a helping environment.

Development & Learning

Be swift, be smart and allow yourself to grow with us. We are dedicated to invest time and useful resources for the development of our people. It is through this mutual effort that you can achieve professional and technical skills that prove as a guiding light on your road to glory. Our run for change and positivity is for the betterment of the community and is an active part of our business approach.

Investing In Our Team

At Catalyst, we value firm and long-lasting relationships. This adds onto our trait of being a transparent enterprise that readily takes care of all your needs without putting any stoppage. We are filled with energy and flexibility when it comes to offering rewards, be it short-term and long-term, to acknowledge the hard work of efficient members of our team.

Our Story

We imagined a company with set goals to achieve profit and success by concentrating on the greater good for the community.

Consulting With Purpose

Our team of five professionals has showcased full dedication to make the company rise high to a leading position among multinational companies. But somewhere down the line, there was an itch of something missing. Our passion to build a career was a bit hazy without a greater purpose at hand.

We were exploring successful career paths across different industries but one day it all got simplified when our focus shifted to making an impact in the industrial arena together with building a career. All five professionals had the same sense of agitation and a strong craving to make a revamp of the business model.

Our planning started with extensive research on how to build a company that can ignite the passion to carve professional and personal growth. We planned to meet one day and within a few weeks, all of us had quit our jobs to structure a new Consulting business. This was the moment when Catalyst was given a name and it soon became the first rising consulting company all across Jamshedpur- India,

Leaving a six-figure job was a major decision but every big opportunity comes with risks. “We remember the time when we had included the first professional consultant; he left his freelance job to place trust in our budding start-up,”

Our initial days were slightly rough but within a span of eight months Catalyst started reaping profit and was also successful in listing a two-digit customer base. Learning never stops and at Catalyst, we believe in gaining knowledge from all corners to build an organization that exhibits hard work and skill.

We hire professionals who are treated alike and are offered responsibilities that ignite greater motivation. We aim high and that includes bigger plans for the future. Today, we have set up a wider professional network across different centers, and manage a team of 39 skilled professionals.

We all know opportunities are scattered everywhere and to find the right ones we need visionaries who want to blend their careers to make a difference. For cementing better industry relationships with our efficient consulting experience, Catalyst thrives to offer a space where performance gets calculated through its influence on people, community and business.