Catalyst sourcing is having quality Experts &Qualified lead auditors who can ensure quality and can conduct audits as per Industry standards. Our Experts are having wide experience in Quality Improvement, Third Party Inspection, and conducting audits of manufacturing industries.

We have audited many manufacturers including Casting, Forging, Sheet metal & fabrication, Machining, Plastic-Rubber, Electrical and many more.

These are three areas where a supplier audit can be done: –

  • Selection Audits – We are conducting a Supplier selection Audit based on customers objectives & needs. We ensure that you have the vendor that delivers exactly what you are expecting from it.
  • Onboarding Suppliers – We are recommending to organizations for on-boarding Supplier Audit. With this Customers can Set objective and goal for the suppliers to considering longer relationship.
  • Surveillance or Continuous Improvement Audits – Improvement is ongoing & Continual process. By Such audits can measure the fulfillment of customer objective & goal with the scope of Improvement. Audit frequency can be annual or quarterly based on customer interest.

Third Party Inspection – Third Party inspection is conducted by an independent body that inspects the defined manufacturing process and finish products in order to make an inspection report about the quality of final products/services and also ensure that these products/services are according to customer quality standards or not.
The third-party inspection, therefore, is responsible to ensure the quality, integrity, innovation and customer satisfaction in the products.